First Class Dog training classes are fun-filled and reward based.

We love you to enjoy the training and for your pups to have a great time learning about how to be well mannered and friendly dogs.

Puppy Classes

Puppy classes are 6 week courses and cover all the basics to get you up and running and on the right track for the future. Puppies must be under 6 months old at the start of the course, this is so we can capture those absolutely critical few weeks of your dog’s early learning phase and use it to help build amazing foundations for the rest of it’s life. Our classes are held indoors in Peakirk, near Peterborough with the option to progress to further outdoor training at our purpose built site in Deeping St James. Sits, downs, recalls, loose lead, focus, and how to socialise properly, are just a handful of skills taught throughout our classes.

  Please book online to secure your space.

First Class Dog Training also offers a variety of follow on classes, please see below for details. 

If you are unsure if classes are suitable for you or which class would be best to start in please give us a call, text or email and we will be happy to talk you through the best options for you and your dog. If you are interested in booking any of our follow on classes please email to find out more. 

Bronze Classes

Suitable for complete beginners and Puppy follow-ons. All ages welcome (dog & owner!). Held at our outdoor venue in Deeping St James. A great option for puppy class graduates. 

Silver Classes

Suitable for Bronze graduates and dogs who have significant previous training experience. All ages welcome. Silver Award contains many of the exercises from the Bronze Award, however the difficulty has increased and new behaviours have been added.

Gold Classes

Suitable for Silver graduates only. All ages welcome. Gold Award contains advanced exercises from the Silver Award as well as a range of new skills and activities.


If you’re looking for a fun sport to try with your dog, then why not give Hoopers a try!

Unlike agility, Hoopers has no jumps. Instead, ground level hoops are used for the dog to run through. It has much of the same pace and excitement as agility, but the courses are flowing and don’t involve the tight turns of agility, making it much safer for dogs. There are no jumps or high impact equipment: just hoops, barrels and tunnels.

Because of its low impact Hoopers is ideal for dogs of all ages, including puppies and older dogs – even dogs who have retired from other dog sports such as agility!